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Our amazing teachers deliver a satisfying and creative experience for all our students. There is something for everyone!
Private event hire and gift certificates are available for all Adult, Kids & Youth programming.
**Our studio is closed due to COVID-19 measures from
December 26, 2020 through January 23, 2021.**
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Adult Pottery Programming Book Online

Classes and workshops are offered for adults and teens age 14 and up, from beginner through to intermediate levels, with many students returning for more!

Wheel Throwing courses will teach you the joys of making your own pottery. From wedging and centring to trimming and glazing. From mud to a mug!  
Hand building classes focus on using your hands and hand held tools to make unique pottery. With experienced instructors you will explore the basic techniques of coiling, pinching, using slabs and also try carving and applying surface decoration to your pieces.



Kids & Youth

Kids & Youth Pottery Programming Book Online

Kids classes age 5+

Our teachers inspire creativity guiding kids imaginations and ideas to capture projects that are sure to delight and satisfy!

  • Summer Camps
  • Winter Break Camps
  • March Break Camps
  • After School Program
  • Teen Wheel Class



Pottery Workshops Programming Book Online

We offer a variety of amazing workshops including: Wheel Throwing, Hand building and Sgraffito -  for adults and teens 14 and up.

Kids and family workshops ages 5 and up.