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Adult Wheel Course 
From $240-$330 + HST
Beginner 1 Wheel
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FOR WHO? This introductory course is designed for beginners with little to no experience. 
Our experienced instructors will teach you to transform mud into beautiful pots.
Beginner 2 Wheel
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FOR WHO? Students who completed two to three beginner courses.
Beginner 2 courses are designed to strengthen wheel throwing skills, develop forms, and throw larger pieces.
Intermediate Wheel/ Beginner 2  
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FOR WHO? This advanced course is designed for experienced potters who can throw up to 4lbs of clay.
Pottery Combo Course 
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FOR WHO? This course is designed for beginners with little to no experience.
In this course students will get to experience both the potters wheel and also l handbuilding techniques using creative textural tools  

    Adult Handbuilding Courses

From $220-$350 + HST


Sgraffito Course

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3 Week Courses 2023

FOR WHO? This course is designed for all levels of experience 

 Sgraffito is the art of carving patterns and images on clay


Whimsical Creations 

FOR WHO?  Adults and Teens 14+  for all levels of experience 

Surface Decoration with Maria Moldovan is the focus in this handbuilding course! 


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4 Week Courses 2023


FOR WHO?  Adults and Teens 14+  for all levels of experience 

Learn the basic techniques of coiling, pinching, rolling and carving the clay and surface decoration to make unique pots!




From $225-$380 + HST


Adult Beginner Camps 

4 Day Camps

5 Day Camps

FOR WHO? The camps are designed to work on the wheel in 4 or 5 consecutive days. Regular repetition increases muscle memory creating great results! The camp is designed for beginners with little to no experience.  the camp in depth foundation course for beginners will teach students the fundamentals of wedging clay to throwing on the potter's wheel. An introduction to surface decoration using bright coloured slips and the art of carving techniques will also be covered in this camp. Imagination and creativity will be an exciting and satisfying experience


For shorter courses, please view our 'Workshops' website page.