Cancellation Policy

Please review your email notifications before coming to each one of your classes in the course or camp. Sudden instructor illness or other unforeseen circumstances beyond our control can be a reason for a class to be cancelled.  

** NOTE:  We do not offer makeup classes. Unfortunately, due to scheduling, students cannot transfer or reschedule a course 2 weeks prior to course start date. 

Course/Workshop/Camp Cancellation Policy

      • No refund for cancellations made 2 wks prior to start date 
      • A 10% admin fee will be charged for cancellations between 2-4 wks from start of course.  
      • A 5% admin fee will be charged for cancellations more than 4 wks before start date of course/workshop
      • IMPORTANT: This cancellation policy applies to all situations  regardless of circumstance 

      Kids Camps

      • No cancellation fee up to 10 days before start date of camp.
      • 15% fee for all cancelations made after 10 days before date of camp.
      • We do not offer makeup classes for students who miss a session

        Note:  We reserve the right to cancel a camp due to low enrolment