About Us

Our Hands together make this studio work!

Hintonburg Pottery is a bright welcoming space nestled in the arts community of Hintonburg, Ottawa.

Our stunningly beautiful pottery is made in house collaboratively by all the amazing potters who work here. We are a community of potters who gather, create and explore together. 

Together, we also offer  classes and workshops, private events, kids camps, adult camps, and fundraising opportunities for local charities like the Parkdale Food Centre and Soul Space Ottawa.

Our light-filled studio is staffed with friendly experienced instructors and technicians encouraging creativity and inspiring ideas.

Our clay studio offers state of the art Japanese Whisper wheels, slab roller, banding wheels, assortment of clay tools, fully equipped glaze room with more than 40 gorgeous glazes. And much more....

Check us out in the New York Times!

We hope to see you in the studio soon where a warm welcome awaits you!

"Friendly and welcoming, the instructors and staff at Hintonburg Pottery pride themselves on offering a positive and nurturing learning environment, where all levels and abilities can explore, get messy and learn to trust themselves as they build confidence while having fun taking new creative risks." – Kitchissippi Times, October 2019


Our logo explained

Hintonburg Pottery's logo is a reflection of our studio vision. The clay jug is the earthen vessel that represents humanity. We evolved from the earth. We are all earthen vessels,  We hold energy and we share life. The colour red is chosen to represent the fire and passion of life. This is also an echo of the fire and passion at the core of the earth.  The belly of the clay jug is textured with round swirls to reflect the circle of life, of love, and community. The edges of the circle are not smooth, but uneven, to reflect we are all different and often live in chaos trying to find our way in life.

Within the swirl in the belly of the jug, there is a gold coloured mark; this golden nugget is the seed of life and passion. 

Our true inner self full of dreams and hopes and inspirations exists within all of us. We often protect it deeply inside. Sometimes so deep over time, we hide it from ourselves even. 

We can nurture this inner self  -this golden nugget in many ways. Many people while exploring their creativity draw closer to their passions and it helps bring us closer to our purpose in life.

While engaging with the clay, the process of creativity guided in this nurturing space, strengthens and empowers our self confidence. This strength is what pours out of the jug and strengthens our communities.

The clay jug tipped slightly forward says we are willing, and ready to give of ourselves to others. Through this act of pouring out, we complete the circle of life, the circle of love, and community. We are there for each other.

Hintonburg Pottery Logo with Vision