About Us

Hintonburg Pottery Ottawa Canada

A light-filled studio in the heart of Ottawa.

Hintonburg Pottery opened in the spring of 2012. We are a little treasure nestled in the arts community of Hintonburg, featuring over 20 local and regional potters. In 2017 we made it into The New York Times!

Besides amazing pottery, our 'earthen vessels clay studio' offers classes, workshops, private workshops/events, and seasonal camps for kids and adults.

We also rent our studio space to experienced potters to come and make independent work. It's a light-filled studio staffed with experienced clay technicians who bring creative and inspiring energy into our space!

Our studio space has 11 Japanese Whisper Wheels, fantastic lighting, a slab roller, a fully equipped, dedicated glaze room with more than 40 glazes (last time we counted), and much more!

We look forward to seeing everyone back soon.

"Friendly and welcoming, the instructors and staff at Hintonburg Pottery pride themselves on offering a positive and nurturing learning environment, where all levels and abilities can explore, get messy and learn to trust themselves as they build confidence while having fun taking new creative risks." – Kitchissippi Times, October 2019

Hintonburg Pottery Kitchissippi Times

Kitchissippi Times, October 2019

The story behind our logo.

Our logo was drawn to reflect Hintonburg Pottery's vision.
This jug is not any ole jug…
This jug represents people.
The clay jug glazed in red symbolizes the fire of life.
I see us as earthen vessels. All life thrives on energy, we hold energy, we give energy, we share energy.

The belly of the clay jug is round with swirls, like the potter's wheel.
These swirls also reflect the circle of life, of love and community, something we all seek.

Inside the belly of the pot you will notice a little golden colour.
This I call the seed – the golden nugget that is inside each of us, it is our true Self deeply protected inside.
We are the pot, we hold the seed of who we are inside and it is our journey in life to rediscover our true self.
We can nurture this seed in many ways, in our studio we do this through creativity with clay.
The process of creativity guided in a nurturing space has the ability to strengthen who we are, empower our inner self and be a stronger voice in the community.

You’ll notice the clay jug is tipped slightly forward – this symbolizes that when we are ready, we are able to give of ourselves to others and in that moment we are giving to the circle of life, of love and community.

Hintonburg Pottery Logo with Vision