Clay At Home Kit (Lantern)
Clay At Home Kit (Lantern)
Clay At Home Kit (Lantern)


Clay At Home Kit (Lantern)

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Create your own lantern at home. 

Each ‘Clay At Home’ Handbuilding Kit contains:

  1. Written instructions
  2. Recorded Video Lessons 
  3. Ware board to work on
  4. Clay slab
  5. Clay for pretesting textures
  6. Clay slip
  7. Pin Tool
  8. Textures
  9. Smoothing Rib
  10. Brush
  11. Sponge
  12. Rolling pin
  13. 12” x 12” plastic sheet

IMPORTANT: Please watch all of the videos before completing your lantern and preparing for its return to the studio, where we'll glaze it and fire it in our kilns for you!

We will email you the video links with your kit purchase. Please allow a day for us to prepare your kit.