Teen Programs

Teen Wheel Course
Teens 12 to 17
$396 + hst
All Clay and Tools included

No experience necessary 

This course  is designed for teens interested in the potter's wheel. 

Exploring and creating on the potter's wheel is a cool experience! 

Our experienced instructors teach the complete process of throwing and trimming mud into treasured pots you will keep forever!


Teens & Clay After School Program 

Teens 12 to 17
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Clay and Tools included

Our studio Teen courses are designed to provide with the opportunity to enjoy creating in a professional pottery studio.


Previous ceramic experience  not required 

The goal of our course is to provide a stress-free environment to inspire creativity while nurturing self-confidence. Our studio is large enough to accommodate different age groups.

Participants will have fun exploring the art of hand building and sculpting, our small groups allow for receiving the attention that promotes an enjoyable and gratifying experience.