Reclaiming Clay


We are happy to lend you a bucket so that you can keep your clay scraps, trimmings, unwanted pots and reclaim all that clay.   It is usually easiest to reclaim your clay from it’s driest state, below is a quick overview on how we reclaim and a link to some resources of other people methods:

  • Start with a little bucket, collect your scraps, trimmings, bad pots, the clay at the bottom of your throwing water bowl.

  • Leave the lid off your bucket so the contents dry out while you aren’t here.

  • When you bin gets full enough, and everything in it is fairly dry, pour in the clay heavy throwing water at the end of one of your sessions.

  • The clay will absorb the water and break into little pieces, you may need to leave it overnight, or until your next session.

  • Wedge up the now moist clay scraps, if they are too wet, you can wedge on one of our plaster bats 


Here is a great Ceramic Arts Daily article on the basics of clay recycling    


Here is a link to the video tutorial in this post 



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