Wheel Throwing and Handbuilding Pottery Combo Classes at Hintonburg Pottery


Pottery Combo Courses

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Throughout this 2 part course, you will experience both the potters wheel and the art of handbuilding.

Part 1: Wheel throwing

For three classes, our instructors will teach you how to turn a clump of mud into fully functioning cups, bowls, mugs, and other handmade treasures.

Part 2: Handbuilding

For two classes, students will explore their creative ideas with coiling, pinching, carving, and surface decorating, to create unique handmade pieces. This part of pottery making is full of many wonderful discoveries. 



Adults and teens 14+

Class sizes are limited due to COVID-19

What to bring:

Please bring a large apron to protect your clothes from flying mud! 

Wear comfortable shoes – they will get mud on them,  no socks or bare feet permitted during class.

Please read our COVID-19 measures prior to attending your classes.