Sgraffito Classes
Sgraffito Classes
Sgraffito Classes


Sgraffito Classes

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Sgraffito is an Italian word meaning to scratch. This is a decorating technique produced by applying layers of coloured slip to leather hard pottery and then scratching designs/patterns through the layers to create contrasting images. 

Students will hand-build unique pots and learn the art of sgraffito. 

No experience required, and returning artists are welcome!

Our amazing Sgraffito Instructors will provide some  images and guide you to create original ideas 


Adults and teens 14+

What to bring:

Please bring a large apron to protect your clothes, and an old towel. 

Wear comfortable shoes – they will get mud on them,  no socks or bare feet permitted during class.

Please read our COVID-19 measures prior to attending your classes.