Handbuiding Classes at Hintonburg Pottery


Handbuilding Classes

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Hintonburg Pottery’s handbuilding classes are fun and interactive introductions to working with clay!

Over a three-week period, students will utilize their hands and other tools to master the basics of texture and composition, through a variety of techniques including, coiling, pinching, rolling, carving and surface decorating. Completed samples will be provided and original ideas for transformative creation are always encouraged!

When do classes take place?

All sessions of this class take place during the day.

Who may attend this class?

Adults and teens

No experience necessary

Class sizes are limited due to COVID-19

What is required to participate?

  •  Our team will provide you with all necessary tools to participate in each session of the class.
  •  Due to pandemic limitations, we are no longer able to provide you with aprons. In order to protect your clothes, please bring your own apron.
  •  Remove rings prior to class sessions, consider cutting finger nails short to better interact with clay materials, and, for those with long hair, do wear your hair pulled back.
  • Wear comfortable shoes – no socks or bare feet permitted during class.

    Please check our COVID-19 measures prior to attending your classes.